What is journalism ? Journalism is information. It is communication. It is the events of the day distilled into a few words, sounds or pictures, processed by the mechanics of communication to satisfy the human curiosity of a world that is always eager to know what’s new.
Journalism is basically news. The word derives from jurnal: it’s best contents are ‘du jour’. Of of the day itself. But journalism may also be entertainment and reassurance, to satisfy the human frailty of a world that is always eager to be comforted with the knowledge that out there era millions of human beings just like us.
Journalism is The Times and the Guardian, the daily Mirror and the Sun. It is the Huddersfield Daily Examiner and the Kidderminster Shuttle. It is the ‘Today’ programme and ‘World at One’ and ‘P.M.’ on BBC radio. It is ‘Newsroom’, ‘Panorama’, ‘Twenty-Four Hours’ and BBC television news : it is Independent Television News.
Journalism is Private Eye and the International Times and Oz and Rolling Stone, and every ‘underground’ news sheet. It is the discjockey on Radio One chattering about the latest group to emerge in the pop-rock culture.
Journalism is the television picture beamed by satellite direct from the Vietnam war, showing men dying in agony and accurate colour. It is the television picture of man stepping one to the surface of the moon, seen in millions of homes as it happens.
Journalism can communicate with as few people as can a classroom news-sheet or parish magazine, or with as many people as there are in the world.
The cave-man drawing a buffalo on the wall of his home did so to give other hunters the news that buffalo were nearby. The town-crier reciting the news in the market-place provided a convenient way in which a number of people could simultaneously learn facts affecting all their lives.

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